New Flatbed for my Hilux

My grandfather passed away this year. He was an an avid and great modeler and also played around with RC a bit. Shortly before he died he gave me his original Tamiya Hilux. This was one of the first ever scale trucks. It has a 3 speed transmission, 4 wheel drive, and is a really awesome truck.

I plan to someday get it running again but in the meantime I have adapted the front part of the body to fit my SCX10. It was a pretty easy fit and I love the way it looks on this chassis. I also got an Axial Honcho truggy rear end and have been working on a good way to adapt it to the Hilux in a way that was unique. I decided to go for a wood flatbed look. I cut up the frame, made the wood bed out of paint stirrers from Home Depot and then stained them dark brown with wood stain, and them mounted it up. 

I am super happy with it. I may add a toolbox to the back and eventually some lights, but I love seeing this old Tamiya body live a new life.